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Bath Kneeler

The BRICA® Bath Kneeler provides welcome relief for tired knees at bath time. Constructed of durable, water-resistant material, the kneeling pad can also be hung on a towel bar to dry and store out of the way. The textured undersurface keeps the kneeler in place even when things get splashy!

  • Ergonomic design provides cushioned support for knees and legs
  • Easy-Grip Handle helps to pick up bath kneeler from wet floor
  • Hangs for Drying & Storage. Hangs on towel bar or shower rod for drying and storage
  • Textured Bottom Panel. Durable water-resistant bottom suitable for all floor surfaces
  • Water-Resistant. Easy to clean water-resistant material
  • MSRP $12.99
  • Item #62000
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