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Roll ‘n Go™ Car Seat Transporter

Make traveling with your child look effortless as you quickly convert your car seat into an airport stroller. The wheels deploy out with the touch of a button and the Safe-Sit™ design keeps your precious cargo steady and the ride smooth as you navigate busy lines and airport gates. When you reach your destination, the wheels fold in and the handle telescopes down for easy storage in tight overhead bins. Top-grade materials like aircraft grade aluminum make it light, strong, safe and perfectly portable.

  • Fits most major brands of convertible and forward facing car seats
  • Fold Flat Wheels and telescopic handle allow for slim, compact storage in an overhead aircraft bin or in your hall closet
  • Auto-deploy wheels move, and lock into place at the touch of a button
  • Premium inline skate wheels for easy maneuvering
  • Safe-Sit™ Angle design keeps seat stable and secure to prevent roll-away or tip-over when occupied
  • Locking system quickly and securely straps car seat to transporter
  • Lightweight design (approx. 5 lbs./2.3 kg)
  • Self-standing design makes attaching a car seat super easy
  • Ready to use – no assembly required
  • Folded product dimensions: 23.25″H x 14″W x 2.5″D
  • Unfolded product dimensions: 45.75″H x 14″W x10.75″D
  • MSRP $69.99
  • Item #65005

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